Do you hear what you see?


To get information to our brain we have 5 senses; smell, taste, hearing, sight and feeling.

Here you can test how 2 of you senses, SIGHT and HEARING works and cooperate.

You do the test by looking at a short film.

1. Find a quiet place without any disturbing sounds. (Headphones is preferred)

2. Bring pen and paper.

Now you shall play a 5 second long film, and you’ll play it twice.

The first time you’ll only use your ears, therfore close your eyes.

3. Click on the arrow, and close your eyes for 5 seconds.

4. Write down what you heard when you listened to the film.

Now play the film again, but this time use both your ears and you eyes.

5. Click on the arrow and watch the film.

6. Write down what you heard when you watched the film.

If you have written two differents words it’s normal.

This phenomenon is called the “McGurk-effect”.